Providing Peace of Mind to Canadian Businesses Since 1920.

WYN: Rooted in the meaning of fair, a friend

WARD: Guardianship, protection. Also used to depict direction, motion

We combine these strong concepts to describe the company that we strive to be: a fair and dependable provider of peace of mind, with a constant focus on providing you with exceptional service.

At Wynward, we pride ourselves on over a century of experience insuring Canadian businesses with innovative products and services, combined with insightful risk management.

We embrace the same ideals today that have served our customers since 1920: meeting every challenge with confidence, and continually seeking opportunities to innovate.

It is our customers, employees and valued broker partners that make all the difference. They are the reason for our long history of success. We strive to continuously evolve our business to meet your ever-changing needs.

Analyzing risk is what we pride ourselves on. Let the art of underwriting complement the science of our business – be part of the Wynward difference today.

Wynward Insurance is proud to be a wholly-owned subsidiary of Winnipeg-based James Richardson & Sons, Limited ("JRSL"), a privately-held Canadian company.