A History of Meeting Unique Needs

Our brand is an evolving story that honours our past, and at the same time charts a course for our future.

In 1920, a group of prairie grain companies – dissatisfied with the premiums being charged for fire insurance on their grain elevators – decided to charter their own insurance company. They hoped this would pressure their underwriters to reduce premiums. It didn’t work. But a strong partnership had been established, a need had been identified – and Grain Insurance & Guarantee was born.

This beginning became more than just a story we tell – it became the foundation of our business as we continued to provide insurance products and services with our customers’ best interests as our priority.
As a company, we’ve never lost sight of that. By combining sound underwriting principles with an unwavering commitment to customer service, the company has been profitable ever since our founding in 1920 – proving to the industry that when you put your customers first, everyone wins.

Over time, we expanded our business serving customers in all provinces and territories, through a world class broker network. Along the way, we have maintained our reputation as an innovative insurance company with an eye on the changing needs of Canadian businesses. In 2013, we recognized that our product and service offering had expanded far beyond the origins of Grain Insurance. We sought to rebrand the company with a view to the future, and to providing the utmost in protection and risk management for a wide variety of customers.

Today, over a century after the company was founded, we are proud to serve Canadian businesses from coast to coast. We are far from where we started, and the Wynward name now reflects who we are – and where we are going.

Wynward is Here.