Easter is the time of year when many people across Canada are on the hunt for chocolate eggs, and kids will try to catch a glimpse of the elusive Easter Bunny. This Easter we’re sharing some fun and interesting Easter traditions from around the world.

England: Many people participate in “egg jarping,” which involves two people knocking hard boiled eggs against one another to see which will crack first. It’s a one-on-one knockout style game – you’re out when your egg cracks!

France: Chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs are popular in France, but the French also have something we don’t – chocolate fish. Fish-shaped chocolates start popping up in stores on April first, and remain a popular treat until after Easter.

Australia: In Australia, they have an adorable alternative to the Easter bunny: the Easter Bilby! Bilbies are a small, long-eared, dessert-dwelling Australian marsupial. Every year businesses and conservation groups use the Easter Bilby to raise awareness and money to protect this endangered animal.

Norway: In Norway, Easter is the most popular time of year for crime fiction. New crime novels hit bookstore shelves over the long weekend and many people spend the holiday immersed in books and detective shows. Milk cartons even feature whodunit style comics.

Have a great Easter long-weekend – however you choose to celebrate!