Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (IBAC)The Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (IBAC) is pleased to announce that Wynward Insurance Group  has maintained its support of the Broker Identity Program at the Full Partner level.

The Program’s centre-piece is the BIP symbol known as the BIPPER. The symbol captures the value that insurance brokers bring their clients: choice, coverage, security and peace of mind. By investing in the program, Wynward supports a campaign whose purpose is to raise awareness of the value of the insurance broker distribution network. 

“Our ongoing partnership with Brokers across Canada to ensure our customers are provided the best level of service, expertise and choice is a strategic pillar for Wynward,” said Darryl Levy, President & Chief Executive Officer of Wynward Insurance Group.  “The team at Wynward is focused on continuing to strengthen and leverage the advantages provided by our partnership with the Broker network.  We recognize and support the work of IBAC and are pleased to remain a Full Partner in the Broker Identity Program for 2016,” added Levy.

IBAC Chief Executive Officer Dan Danyluk added: “We are delighted that Wynward is remaining a Full Partner. It continues to be important for Canadians to get good advice about their insurance needs. The first step in that process is ensuring that they are fully aware of what a broker does. Wynward is assisting us to build that awareness.” 

Launched in 1988, the mission of the Broker Identity Program is to promote the value and professionalism of the insurance broker to consumers, insurers and governments. It is a branding campaign for over 36,000 insurance brokers.