Great things can happen when companies give back.

Last week saw the launch of the very first Giving Tuesday campaign in Canada, and here at Wynward we thought it would be a great opportunity to work with our employees to support some of the organizations that are doing good work in their communities.

As a company, we are proud to support several charities and community initiatives like Habitat for Humanity and United Way. But in the spirit of Canada's first Giving Tuesday, we engaged our employees in coming up with organizations that are also making a difference in our communities. We asked our employees across Canada to nominate an organization they are passionate about to receive a $500 donation from Wynward, with a total of four donations to be made.

Our team reacted very enthusiastically to the campaign, and we received a large number of nominations within the first few hours. Whenever the staff at Wynward have an opportunity to be involved in the charitable activities of our community, they step up and show their excitement, engagement and passion.

We weren't surprised by the enthusiasm shown by our employees. One of the strongest core values our teams share across Canada is a spirit of giving back to our communities.

Stay tuned for the amazing results...