Happy holidays from all of us at Wynward! Our offices will have limited hours of operation on the following days:

Friday, December 23rd:  Closed at 12pm

Monday, December 26th:  Closed

Tuesday, December 27th:  Closed

Friday, December 30th:  Closed at 12pm

Monday, January 2nd:  Closed

The holidays are a time of year full of celebration with friends, family and co-workers. As your office winds down for the holidays, make sure you’re keeping some safety tips in mind to minimize your risks.

Slippery Stepping

High foot traffic in and out of the office during snowy weather creates hazardous puddles in hallways and entrance ways. Assign one person or create a rotational schedule to make sure the floors are dry and safe.

Stair Safety

Make sure handrails are installed along all staircases, both indoor and outdoor regardless of the number of steps. Stairs pose a risk for slips, as slips on stairs can cause more damage then a slip on flat ground. Ensure staircases are included in the floor cleaning rotation.


Make sure that all other entrances to the facility like rear entrances, windows, hatches and vents are secured. Roof ladders and stairs should have gates or guards installed.

Smoke and CO2 Detectors

If your office will be closed for a prolonged time, be sure to test smoke and CO2 detectors before closing shop. The last thing you want on your well-deserved vacation is an interruption from work!