Have you thanked your pharmacist recently?

Today is National Pharmacist Day! Pharmacists are medical professionals who are vital to the health care system. They provide life saving and quality of life enhancing medicine to patients across the world every day.

Wynward has been providing services to pharmacists across Canada for over 30 years, and is proud to continue that tradition.

Did you know..

  • ·         Coca Cola, Pepsi, and Dr. Pepper were all invented by pharmacists
  • ·         On top of being a founding father of the United States, Benjamin Franklin was also a founding father in pharmacy. He helped establish the first public hospital and first hospital pharmacy
  • ·         Some of the oldest pharmaceutical records have been found in Egypt. Records of hundreds of prescriptions written on papyrus date back to 15000 B.C.


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With Wynward’s ongoing focus on providing our broker partners with responsive and dependable products, we are pleased to announce the launch of our Commercial Umbrella Liability solution.